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221B Baker Street Deluxe Edition

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221B Baker Street: The Master Detective Game

221B Baker Street: The Master Detective Game is a board game featuring Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Players travel through the streets and alleys of Victorian London picking up clues while attempting to solve 200 intriguing Sherlock Holmes Adventures written especially for this game. The game can be played competitively by 2 or more individuals or teams. Or it can be played as a cooperative game, with all players teaming up as Baker Street Irregulars to help Holmes solve the case. When playhed this way, the group bands together to decide which of the fourteen locations to visit first, and the meaning of each clue is discussed by the group. The game can also be played solitaire.

It was developed by Jay Moriarty (dba Antler Productions) in 1975. This Deluxe Edition contains the original 180 cases plus 20 all-new cases for a complete set of 200 cases. The Deluxe Edition also includes all new artwork, board design, and collectible Sherlockian metal tokens.