Beer & Chocolate Pairing Adventure

Go on a quest to discover an adventure of the senses

Chocolate Beer Pairing event

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 4PM | Conundrum House's Saunders Room

You love chocolate, right? Why not go on a sensory adventure and try this old favorite in new ways? Join me as we explore chocolate paired with a beer to uncover your magical 1 + 1 = 3!

Join a community of other adventurers as you discover fun new ways to enjoy chocolate. The price includes a selection of craft chocolates for tasting, a tasting mat, information on craft chocolate for later, and beer (TBD, details pending). You’ll come away with knowing how to use your five senses to savor familiar flavors in new ways, discover what tastes you enjoy - separate or together (an explosion in your mouth! Woo hoo!), plus fun facts about chocolate and about beer that you can impress your friends with later.

On Saturday, October 22nd aThe class is about an hour to 1.5 hours long, led by Stacey, your Chocolate Adventure Mentor.  We will meet at 4pm in Conundrum House’s new event space, The Saunders Room.  

Tickets are available through Eventbrite: 

Fun facts about Stacey, your chocolate pairing adventure guide:◦ Stacey’s mission is to shift attitudes to life is fun & adventure by inspiring people to try new things or familiar things in new ways, and craft chocolate is a perfect starting point.◦ Certified by 37 Chocolates for Chocolate Tasting.◦ Author of six articles on chocolate pairings; three chocolate tours of NYC and Boston (Portland is in the queue)◦ Has been to Harvard to learn about the cacao industry & chocolates of Columbia◦ The cacao bean is her spirit animal◦ Member of the newly created “Cacao Industry for Social Justice”◦ Currently writing a historical fiction book involving Puritans, Pirates & Cacao; and a non-fiction book covering pirate history through the lens of chocolate.

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