Travel Escape with Finders Seekers

Finders Seekers Hawaii box escape game

The Family Fun Night of Adventure and Travel

Plan your escape without leaving home! Get ready for mystery, puzzles, and travel to Sydney, Boston, Beijing, San Francisco, Hawaii, Mont St. Michel, Paris, London, Las Vegas, Ireland, Tokyo, or Chicago when you play the Finders Keepers in-home escape game!  

These mysteries, besides offering around ten puzzles per location, are a great way to learn about that place’s culture, history, and people.  Each box varies on the city destination but offers the same format of puzzles, cryptic clues, and information found online.  You will need internet and a computer or smartphone to play. Each game provides varying difficulty ratings, so some will be harder to solve than others!

Finders Seekers are great for date nights or families who want to solve a mystery but don’t want the grimness of murder mysteries.  Allow around two-to-four hours to solve each game.  While challenging for adults, you can include kids ages 10+. 

Where do you want to play detective first? Reserve your mystery-filled travels!

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