The Shivers Pop-Up Adventure

The Shivers pop up game

Welcome to the spooky world of THE SHIVERS!

This brand new in-home escape room POP-UP adventure just arrived in our store, and we are so excited!  THE SHIVERS (Deluxe) is a first-edition, Kickstarter, unique tabletop mystery adventure.

“A pop-up adventure where magic and mystery hide around every corner! One of you will be the storyteller, guiding the events of the episode. The other players work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and defeat ghoulish foes to complete each adventure.” - Pop Fiction Games.

What makes this game unusual and EXQUISITE (and part of the expense that goes into its creation) are the six pop-up room modules, eight playable episodes, and high-quality game contents.  As a deluxe version, you also get two expansion packs, dog and cat playable characters, a create-your-own-character pack, an extra magnifying glass, and an additional dry-erase marker (the character dashboards are reusable!).

Here are some tips for play.  The rules are light so that you can jump right into the game. As the storyteller, anything you say may be a clue! As you go to the rooms, pay attention to the details (the magnifying glass helps), especially the ones that could be hiding in the little doors.  Each turn, the player takes action or does a task. There is a compass rose to help the storyteller indicate which direction players should move.

We here at Conundrum House believe in supporting start-up game designers and invested in Pop Fiction’s Kickstarter earlier this year.  The First Edition Deluxe adventure is now available in the rental section.  Stay tuned for more extension games coming next year!

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