The Mystery Agency Series

Mystery Agent escape room boxes showing game parts

If you like mystery puzzle experiences, or play-at-home escape rooms, then The Mystery Agency series is for you!  

Each box contains well-crafted physical components making for a tactile experience, not just engaging your detective skills.  You start the immersive game by simply opening the box, use the website address or scan the QR code on the inside to receive your first puzzle to solve (which will help you unlock the padlocked containers!). 

Inside the container (a wooden treasure chest, a haunted board game or police document wallet) are the rest of the clues, creating a series of 15-20 interconnected escape-room style puzzles for you to solve.  Play by yourself, or invite a team of agents - up to six players for an afternoon or for game night.  While the recommended age is 14+, reviewers have said that 10+ have been able to get in and help solve puzzles. The games can be timed, or you can take your time.  

To solve these mysteries, you’ll need to launch an investigation across the pieces of evidence supplied in the box as well as use your computer or phone with internet access to discover secret websites that are hiding important clues. 

These three mysteries all have their own themes, but a fun aspect is that there is a fourth meta mystery running through them all!

These “atmospheric and original mystery” Kickstarter puzzlers come from the imagination of Henry Lewis, the founder of one of the UK’s leading comedy companies, Mischief.  Lewis, as a writer, performer, and producer has won “Best New Comedy” for The Play That Goes Wrong. He also stars in British ITV’s riddle-centric quiz show ‘Riddiculous.’

The Balthazar Stone

Feel like going on a pirate treasure hunt? In The Balthazar Stone you travel through the 20th century to the Golden Age of Piracy as you join Elsa Winslow on her quest to Sharktooth Island. To solve the award-winning mystery, you must solve the many clues hidden in an ancient treasure chest to find Balthazar’s Stone and break its ancient curse. 

And it hasn’t been made easy for you – the wooden chest itself has been padlocked and you will have to work out the combination just to get started!

You will need to use all your powers of deduction and logic to solve a baffling, mind mangling sequence of clues to crack combination locks, decode treasure maps, interpret artefacts, and piece together the information discover the truth about the stone. 

To paraphrase one reviewer, The Balthazar Stone is not really an escape room as you’re not really escaping from anything, you’re unlocking padlocks to get into something. “It’s magical."

Ghost in the Attic

Would you dare open an old, dusty board game that has DO NOT OPEN! written on it?  In Ghost in the Attic, which is themed around a haunted board game from the 1950s, you will need more than your psychic intuition to solve the perplexing, sometimes creepy, sequence of clues to crack combination locks, roll the dice, move your pieces and gather together the information to uncover why the game is haunted and ‘banish’ the ghost forever. 

The board game box itself has been chained and padlocked and you will have to work out the combination just to get started! 

“Brilliant! Everything was so well put together and nailed the spooky/mysterious atmosphere,” said one player. “We’re going to try actually playing the Ghost In The Attic game-within-a-game!”

The Vanishing Gambler

Viva Las Vegas! The Vanishing Gambler is themed around a missing casino cheat Roy Marshall, who vanished from his Las Vegas jail cell. You’ll feel the razzle-dazzle of this gambling capital, and the grit of the U.S. prison system as you sort through the convicts personal items and chase him over several websites.  

Your job is to discover his hide-away location. You’ll need to hack into Roy’s bank account and even go undercover yourself. And it hasn’t been made easy for you – the document wallet itself has been padlocked and you will have to work out the combination just to get started!

It will take more than a roll of the dice, a pair of aces and Lady Luck! You will need to use all your powers of deduction and logic to solve a conundrum sequence of clues to crack combination locks, piece together the information and solve the case where the police deemed unsolvable. 

As one reviewer stated “We have plenty of experience with breakout games, and as a gang of 10-50+ year olds feel we might be able to offer decent demographic feedback on this one. Quite honestly, the best escape room we have ever played.”

These are popular, so make sure to reserve your rental time!  If they are here, you can also solve the mysteries here, with our Play All Day Passes.

The Balthazar Stone

Ghost in the Attic

The Vanishing Gambler

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