October 2022 Kickstarters of the Month

Here at Conundrum House, we love to support game creators and keep growing our collection that you often won’t find in any other surrounding store. This month in our rentals section, we are featuring three exciting new Kickstarter mysteries!  

Breakout Games Dispatch Angels and Airstream Lifeform

Lifeforms, a Dispatch serial by Breakout Games

What sets this immersive mystery apart from other serial games with physical clues in a box and on the web?  The game was created in collaboration with the alternative rock band, Angels and Airwaves, diving deeper into their 2021 album, Lifeforms.  

The story revolves around a reported missing woman, Vivian, who reappears days later with no memories.  You (and your friends) start your mystery tour in Albuquerque, follow a trail of clues left by a man in black, and explore peculiar, possibly paranormal events.  The box comes with an array of clues, as well as leads to find online.  

This escape room adventure should take you (and your colleagues, if they join in the fun) about 3-7 hours to unravel the mysterious story.


Blackbrim 1876 Trilogy

The Blackbrim Trilogy by Puzzling Pursuits

The Blackbrim Trilogy consists of three full immersive puzzle stories, each containing two parts - the equivalent of playing two games…or six if you do the whole set!  Start the adventure with “Blackbrim:1876,” a Victorian England town where you first meet the devious criminal, Reager Skinner.  Game II, “Reager’s Return,” you meet again when asked by the London Police for help. In the final episode, “Origins & Ends,” you return to the origin of your conflict with Reager and discover if you have what it takes to finally outwit her and end her reign of terror.

These games are suitable for solo adventurers or a group.  The more people involved, the faster the game goes.  A fun idea is to get in the mood with candles, quill pens, period-appropriate music, and attire from that era and start the adventure over dinner.  With 2-in-1 games, you may even get two date nights from one box!

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Enigma Crime Scene

Enigma: Crime Scene

Enigma: Crime Scene is a replayable crime scene investigation that offers you four scenarios of unsolved mysteries in different parts of the world - New York, Chicago, London, and Sicily.  You are a recruited agent part of a secret society formed in May 1919 to help investigate the murders.

Each country’s case contains ten suspects, ten fingerprints, five weapons, and five crime scene locations. In addition, the box includes tools such as a monocle, maps, newspapers, a cryptogram, and VR glasses if you want to add the element of your mobile phone. Using this information, pinpoint the criminal to win the game.

This game is for 1-4 players and can be played cooperatively, competitively, or in imposter mode.  Each game will take about an hour to play.  

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Do you also love discovering adventures, mysteries, puzzles, and games that aren’t sold in the mass markets?  Come by Conundrum House and check out our select “Kickstarter” shelves filled with lots of great options!

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