Get Hooked On Unlock! Escape Room Adventures

Unlock! Escape Room Adventure Games

Here at Conundrum House, we welcome you to the exciting world of UNLOCK! Escape Room Adventure Games! If you're a fan of escape rooms or love solving puzzles, this cooperative card game is perfect for you. Get ready to embark on thrilling adventures without leaving your table as you search scenes, combine objects, and solve riddles to beat the clock and emerge victorious!

Tips for Playing Unlock! Adventures

If you're new to escape room-style games, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Unlock! experience:

  1. Careful Observation: Pay close attention to every detail on the cards. Sometimes, the slightest clue or hidden information can make a huge difference in your gameplay. Read everything carefully and examine the cards thoroughly to find those essential clues.
  1. Everything Matters: In UNLOCK!, assume everything is significant. If something seems unusual or out of place, chances are it's a clue to help you solve a puzzle. While there might be a few red herrings, most of the time, every bit of information is essential to your success. We recommend keeping the sound on in the app…the music may even be a clue!
  1. Patience is Key: Be patient and take your time. The game will introduce objects and clues at different points during the scenario. Knowing when to use these items is crucial, so don't rush and think things through carefully.
  1. Learn the Rules: While the tutorial is 10 cards and takes 10 minutes, we suggest you read the rulebook at least once. It will provide valuable insights into the gameplay mechanics, ensuring you make the most of your adventure.
  1. Don't Be Afraid of Hints: If you find yourself stuck on a particularly challenging puzzle, feel free to use the app's hint feature. It's better to receive a clue to continue enjoying the game than to get stuck for too long and run out of time.
  1. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: UNLOCK! is a cooperative game, so communicate and work together with your fellow players. Sharing ideas and insights can lead to breakthroughs and a more enjoyable gaming experience.


What makes UNLOCK! Escape Room Adventure Games so special? This series of escape room games offers a wide range of fantastical adventure settings that will take you on incredible journeys you'd never experience in real life. With three scenarios included in UNLOCK! Adventures box, you'll have plenty of exhilarating challenges to tackle.

The game combines a deck of 60 cards with a companion app (download to your Apple and Android devices) to create a rich, thematic experience. The app serves as a timer, provides hints when needed, and allows you to interact with machines and enter codes. As a strategy game, each scenario presents unique puzzles and tasks that challenge your quick thinking and deductive reasoning.

Moreover, UNLOCK! is easy to learn and play, making it suitable for 1-6 players aged 10 and older. With the tutorial and different difficulty levels, everyone can jump right into the excitement. We think these games are a great entry point for beginners as well as those who already love the heart-pounding thrills of escape rooms.

Unlock! Series of Escape Room Adventures

The Unlock! series offers a range of exciting escape room scenarios for you to explore.  We offer them in rentals, and if you want to own one, we have them for sale in our curated retail store too!

  1. Unlock! Escape Adventures ("The Island of Doctor Goorse," "The Formula," and “Squeek & Sausage.”)
  2. Unlock! Mystery Adventures ("The House on the Hill," "The Nautilus' Traps," and "The Tonipals Treasure.")
  3. Unlock! Secret Adventures (“A Noside Story,” “Tombstone Express,” and “The Adventurers of Oz.”)
  4. Unlock! Heroic Adventures ("Sherlock Holmes," "In Pursuit of the White Rabbit," and "Insert Coin.")
  5. Unlock! Timeless Adventures (“The Noside Show,” Arsene Lupin and the Great White Diamond,” and “Lost in the Timewarp!”)
  6. Unlock! Exotic Adventures (“The Night of the Boogeymen,” “Scheherazade’s Last Tale,” and “Expedition: Challenger.”)
  7. Unlock! Epic Adventures (“The Seventh Screening,” “Mission #07,” and “The Dragon's Seven Tests.”)
  8. Unlock! Star Wars (“Rebels,” “Smugglers,” and “Imperial Agents.”)
  9. Unlock! Mythic Adventures (“In the Clutches of Hades,” “Professor Noside’s Animal-O-Matic,”  and “Around the World in 80 Minutes.”)
  10. Unlock! Legendary Adventures (“Action Story,” “Robin Hood: Dead or Alive,” and “Sherlock Holmes - The Case of the Burnt Angels.”)

So, gather your friends or family, download the companion app, and get ready for a game night like no other. UNLOCK! Adventures will transport you to thrilling worlds and keep you on the edge of your seat as you race against time to solve the puzzles and win the game. Enjoy the challenges, the teamwork, and the satisfaction of escaping before the clock runs out! 

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