As Seen In: Visit Corvallis

Looking for your game-store home base that makes nerds of all kinds feel comfortable?  Corvallis has multiple game store options, each with a different approach.  Recently the local tourist board, Visit Corvallis, published a story listing the top spots.

We here at Conundrum House are happy to be a part of this wonderful community.

"Conundrum House is a one-stop club for all things mysterious and adventurous. You can stay and play or take games home with you. Join the membership program and access the extensive rentable collection of tabletop games, including board games (check out the CLUE collection), RPGs, puzzles (some are vintage, with mysteries written by murder mystery authors), and dinner party mysteries in a box. A new feature is their event space, "The Saunders Room," a perfect setting for your next dinner party - featuring the murder of the Great Sage, Rosemary N. Thyme!"

Game On! story in Visit Corvallis


Come by and chat with us - we are cooking up a plan to create a Game Store Passport with the other players in town.  What do you think?


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