Afternoon Tea in the News! 7.14.23

Tea Time Goes Gothic In Corvallis

At our first Afternoon Tea event, the editor of the local papers (Corvallis Gazette-Times/Albany Democrat-Herald) was so intrigued she sent a photographer to cover our event!  The next day these beautiful photos (by Jess Hume-Pantosso, Mid-Valley Media) were posted under "TOP STORY" and "EDITOR'S PICK."

What a grand way to start off our newest events!  With our Afternoon Teas, we encourage costumes, but they are not required.  Chef Talus of Whimsy Supper Club served tea cakes and scones.  We enjoyed all our guests, and were excited to learn YouTuber Shaina Krevat was there, bringing her enthusiasm for High Teas.

Adrienne, after teaching how to read tarot cards, surprised the guests with a skill she learned from her Viking great-grandmother, Madame Andersen, reading their fortunes through tea leaves.  

While we do not expect press coverage for future Afternoon Teas, we do hope you join us in experiencing the wonderful food, games and friends! (Check out our Events page for future dates


Corvallis Gazette Times Afternoon Tea

Skull and candelabra at Gothic Afternoon Tea

Pouring Tea at Gothic Afternoon Tea

Around the Table at the Afternoon Tea

Woman photographing her tea

Beautiful people attending the Afternoon Tea

Hot tea waiting for clients at Afternoon Teas

Group enjoying tea around table

Reading tarot cards at Afternoon Tea





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