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FANCY A WHIMSICAL AFTERNOON TEA? | Inspired by London's High Society Afternoon Teas, Conundrum House and Whimsy Supper Club bring you an adventure of tea time and parlor games with a spirited twist!

Our newest immersive events encourage you to dress up to align with the Afternoon Tea themes.  We offer four different sittings: Steampunk, Gothic, Haunted (loosely based on the movie, The Haunting), and London 1888 (where you can get your dose of Sherlock or Enola Holmes era).

Chef Talus of Whimsy Supper Club prepares a scrumptious seasonal delectable menu consisting of 3 tea sandwiches, 2 scone varieties, and a scrumptious tea cake accompanied by a lovely variety of teas from Oregon Coffee & Tea. If you have food allergies, please let us know so that Chef Talus can include options for you.

Conundrum House provides the setting, complete with vintage tea cups, a parlor game or two (Tarot reading, Ouiji board, storytelling card game), and a tea reading by Conundrum House's co-conspirator, Adrienne (a skill inherited from her Viking great-grandmother, Madame Andersen).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Do people get their own pot of tea, or is it shared?

Chef Talus of Whimsy Supper Club brews several pots of tea according to the preferences of our guests, with two guests per pot sharing. She specially selects the teas from the local gourmet tea shop.

There is also a final round of tea for the tea leaf reading - where guests may request a different tea blend for that experience. This tea is unfiltered for the reading, so each cup will have leaves for fortune telling.

We also have an all-in-one Peacock teacup/teapot combo in our store. We give customers $5 off the Afternoon Tea ticket for every Peacock tea set purchased.  By purchasing your own set, of course, guarantees you your own pot of tea.

2) Is there one type of tea for everyone or a selection? If a selection, what offerings are there usually? Or is each food item paired with a tea- a la wine?

Several blends of tea are purchased fresh for the event - a green, an herbal, and a black. The ingredients for the accompanying delectables are local and seasonal. Chef Talus pairs flavors to go with the selected tea types. 

3) For food, is it brought to the table and/or to each person? Or is it more like a buffet where you pick your own from a separate area? If the former, about how many of each item per person?

This depends on the size of the group. Chef Talus is happy to deliver the edibles already plated for a smaller gathering, or guests may self-serve from tiered displays at the tables for a larger gathering. For groups larger than 12, we may choose to do a buffet.

4) For tea sandwiches, what are typical offerings for an event?

Chef Talus is creating her take on a cucumber and a cured meat sandwich, with a final option. That option takes into consideration dietary restrictions and allergies, seasonality, and taste. Lettuce wraps can be an alternative option too. Please let us know if you or other guests have allergies or preferences by calling Adrienne at the store. 

5) Are there any other savories than tea sandwiches?

Another savory is not offered at the moment, but adjustments can be made if a guest requests another savory option.

6) For interactive elements, could you explain more of how these work: "blend of tabletop games, lock boxes, and storytelling."

Game options are selected to align with the theme from our vast collection at Conundrum House: Ouija board, Mysterium Park (a short version), Gothic games such as Addams Family board game, Edward Gorey’s Dracula or Gothic Tarot, a highly rated Steampunk card game, challenging lock boxes crafted from wood that are quite magnificent (they were a Kickstarter acquisition), and as an icebreaker a set of art cards we use for a storytelling game. 

And, of course, the tea leaf reading by Adrienne, who learned the skills from her Viking great-grandmother, Madame Andersen

7) I like to wear costumes, but my friend is new to creating an outfit for immersive experiences.  How important is it that we come dressed to the nines for the Afternoon Teas?

We are all-inclusive, especially when it comes to costumes.  Wear what you feel most comfortable in (well, certain exceptions may be necessary…haha!).  We believe that by donning a themed outfit is part of the excitement and creates a mindset that guides you to a deeper immersive experience. We have culled costume inspirations for each theme on our Pinterest page.  Adrienne is always happy to discuss ideas with you!

8) Where are you located?

The Afternoon Teas are currently held at Conundrum House’s Saunders Room.  The address in Corvallis is 640 SW Madison Avenue, on the second floor, suite 9.  Our entrance is in the middle of the block, adjacent to Castors restaurant.

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