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Rental - Unidragon: Playful Parrots 5 in 1 RS

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The abundance of sounds in the rainforest creates a deafening cacophony. Even light from the sun can barely break through the canopies of the towering trees. As you slowly make your way along a winding path, you spot a flash of iridescence out of the corner of your eye. Beautifully colored parrots are perched on a branch, chirping back and forth like old friends. Their unusually bright colors instantly captivate you, and the patterns on their plumage are mesmerizing with their variety.

The landscape that has opened before you is beautiful.

Take a couple more steps, take a closer look at the proud birds. One is going to clean bright feathers, the other two seem to be talking among themselves, clicking their beaks. Another directed his attentive gaze directly at you. Did you notice the observation?

But be still – it would not do to frighten away this cheerful company, which has positioned itself oh so comfortably among the tropical greenery.

The latest innovation from Unidragon - the “Playful Parrots” puzzle.

“Playful Parrots” is no ordinary static puzzle. Each bird is assembled separately and you decide how to arrange them all together. Position the parrots as you like and create your own unique scene. Now the process of taking a puzzle apart and putting it back together again is more interesting and exciting than ever before.

The pieces are sturdy and pleasant to the touch; each cut and edge fits perfectly into place.

The diversely crafted and unique pieces can be cleverly combined to reveal colorful birds that are similar in appearance and yet remarkably different at the same time.

“Playful Parrots” presents the perfect opportunity to spend time with your friends and enjoy one of your favorite pastimes, as jigsaw puzzles add variety and tranquility to your collective relaxation. Each participant can focus on one portion of the puzzle and then simply conjoin the parrots together and enjoy the final product.

The time has come for some real R&R. A couple of engaging hours spent with “Playful Parrots” can only lead to one thing - the joy and satisfaction everyone feels when that last piece of a puzzle is put in its proper place.


This is the Royal Size version, and has 620 Pieces.