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Rental - Mindtrap Mystery Puzzle - An Unsavory Demise

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It will challenge the way you think … and see! The makers of the hit new board game, Mind Trap, have brought their characters to life with a similar challenge to puzzle lovers. Detective Shadow is on the case and knows the solution lies in the photos taken at the scene. Every killer leaves a clue. Spot the damaging evidence that lies in the secret puzzle image and solve the crime!
It had been five long years since Barney Dribble had last seen his two mates - he wished it was five hundred. Barney had done the unthinkable. He fingered his two accomplices after their failed bank heist - in exchange for a suspended sentence. Cooking at his little diner had been good ... "till now. His partners in crime had spent their prison terms brewing a batch of revenge which was about to be served to the cook!