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Conundrum House

Rental - Golem Arcana Base Game Set

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This TTRPG is set in the world of Eretsu where the Great Khan has died and his heirs face off with outsiders and themselves to take over the shattered dominion. You can take control of a Golem army to fight for your lieges honor. 

Golem Arcana is a digitally-enhanced miniatures board game. Powered by the Tabletop Digital Interface (TDI) Stylus, Golem Arcana combines the social and tactile joys of the tabletop with the ever-evolving dynamics of online gaming to deliver an experience that is rich, yet fast-playing and accessible.


  • The Golem Arcana Software Application for phone or tablet, refereeing your game with automatic record keeping.
  • Playing piece abilities info.
  • New digital content regularly downloaded to your device to stay up-to-date.