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the Missing Piece mystery puzzles

Rental - Missing Piece: CSI - Stabbing Pain

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Socialite Vivian Elliot is having a bad day. When the neighbor finds her dead in her kitchen, your CSI team is called in to solve the crime. First, read the short story by NY Times best selling author Max Alan Collins. Then, assemble the jigsaw puzzle to reveal the crime scene. Use the special ultraviolet flashlight to uncover hidden clues and discover important evidence that is invisible to the naked eye. Combine the clues found in the story and the puzzle to form your theory, then check the lab results to see if the evidence supports your theory. Finally, when you feel you've solved the case, use your UV light to read the hidden solution printed in ultraviolet ink. Remember, the evidence doesn't lie! This 750 piece puzzle comes with a 12 page booklet, and UV flashlight. The puzzle image is different from the cover of the box, and the finished puzzle will measure 18 15/16 x 26 ¾ . Ages 13 and Up.