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Rental - Shivers Pop-Up Table-Top Adventure Game - Deluxe Edition

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This is the Deluxe Edition that was only available through the original Kickstarter campaign.

We have a few in our store and it includes the 2 expansions packs, two extra character stand-ups, and a few other exclusive extras!

The Shivers 

Welcome to the spooky World of the Shivers!

A pop-up adventure where magic and mystery hide around every corner! One of you will be the storyteller, guiding the events of the the episode. The other players work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and defeat ghoulish foes to complete each adventure.

Work together in this mystery pop-up Role-Playing Game for 2-5 players, exploring a spooky mansion filled with hidden secrets!

Check out the website.


6 pop-up room modules
2 layout tiles
6 character standees
6 character dashboards
55 NPC creature standees
8 playable episodes
1 instruction manual
1 storyteller's companion
1 lore booklet
3 colored game dice
1 dry erase marker
1 magnifying glass
12 standee bases

PLUS Deluxe Extras:

Expansion Pack #1
Expansion Pack #2
Dog and Cat playable characters
1 create your own character pack
1 extra magnifying glass
1 extra dry-erase marker