Collection: The End of Thyme (7/31)

Live-Action Role-Playing murder mystery played online in our Zoom Game Room! 

We offer TWO Experiences:

  1. The ALL VIRTUAL version contains all your Character and Game Day Player Information delivered to you online. EVERYTHING you need to successfully be your character in our tongue-in-cheek mystery is available to you via your SECRET CHARACTER WEBPAGE.
  2. The DELUXE version includes everything in the All Virtual version PLUS we mail a package filled with props to use during Game Day, keepsakes unique to this game. PLEASE NOTE THE CUTOFF DATE FOR THIS OPTION IS July 21st!

 The Set-up

Thyme has been Killed,
and You've Been Summoned
to the Reading of Her Will

By all witness accounts, The Great Sage Rosemary N. Thyme was a tragic victim of a Hit-and-Run. But rumor has it the police say it's murder! Either way, Thyme's death proves problematic to her top-shelf clients as it happened during a Grand Jury investigation into racketeering, with many of the Sage's clients implicated in the wrongdoings. YOU have been invited by one of Sage's most beloved and high-profile clients, Roxie “Red” Pepper, multimillionaire owner of the lucrative franchise chain “Pepper Shaker Produce and Laundry Company of Oregon”, to the reading of the Sage's will. It is an invitation you cannot refuse…

What's Included in both Virtual and Deluxe versions:

  • Full dossier of your character
  • Complete round-up of your character's relationship to the other characters in the experience, including SECRETS you have about them, or they about you!
  • Guidance on how to be a compelling character
    • Costume suggestions
    • List of things to have on hand (like - pen or pencil, tea cups, et al
  • You will receive via eMail the URL to your secret, password-protected page containing all the information and other elements you will need to play the experience.
    • FOR VIRTUAL ONLY PLAYERS, all the Dossier elements listed above
    • Zoom background screens for all rounds of play
    • Game rounds released round by round during the Live Play on July 31st.

DELUXE Character Kit also includes: 

  • Atmosphere AND Character Props unique to your character for use during your Zoom Game Day play:
    • Range of objects from Monkshood OR, the college town where all the murderous and shady actions take place!
    • Printed dossier, relationships and secrets folio
    • Items only your character would have, which may incriminate you or get you off the hook!
The DELUXE VERSION requires EARLY registration so we have time to get the physical DOSSIER PACKET to you before Game Day. Deluxe Version CUT-OFF DATE: JULY 21st. 

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