Changes in Rental process to accommodate the current extraordinary situation.

For the current extraordinary situation, we are simplifying rentals to 7 day periods.

This is a change in how we set up our systems, which had been configured to allow for 3 day and 7 day rentals - and while we hope we have made the adjustments needed to reflect this change, there may still be some rentals that show the shorter period as an option. Please ignore that.

We are adding the ability to reserve items as we understand that we are not as flexible as we might otherwise be - that is, we are shifting from you can rent what is on our shelves when you are in our Conundrum House, to we are listing what we have, and you put what you want to rent into your cart.

But then, picking up those items is another thing - we offer curbside pickup most afternoons, or by appointment, or delivery most mornings. You might not have any plans to come into downtown for a day or two, for instance. but you do want to be able to rent the specific game or puzzle you have your heart set on - we understand! 

The plan of record is to have a full-fledged booking system in place that allows you to select items and book them for when your want It is almost working, and it has glitches and hiccups - but what is working is to put a rental  item into your cart and book it for today.

So please bear with us as we adjust our e-commerce platform to accommodate these new ways of handling rentals. If you can't make the system do or understand what you want, please call us and we'll sort it out with you.

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